2008-06-13: Neuromodulation did not get indexed

Dear All!

Unfortunately I have some bad news (sorry to be the bearer) I want to
share with you, the IFESS board.

As Paul found out (thanks to his insistence!), Neuromodulation did not
get indexed.
That has to be definitely a major topic for us in Freiburg and we have
to work out how we proceed with our journal politics in the future.

Some points to think over, and to open the discussion:

As the pressure on scientist continuously increases to have good
publication it is not serious to offer our members a non-indexed journal
as official IFESS journal.

During the next week(s) we should start with a discussion prior to the conference in Freiburg.

When and how shall we inform our membership about their publication options?
Paul suggests that it would be appropriate to generate a letter to the
membership that is distributed by mail and posted on the website and
potentially with the listserver that describes the issue fairly and
openly, which demonstrates the consensus of the boards.
In that letter there has to be a uniform stance on where we would like
our members to publish so that we just don't see a disorganized exodus
from Neuromodulation, and instead we encourage publication in a single
or modest number of journals that our Publications Committee suggests.

Jane - in case we agree on that (after lots of mails ;-) would you be
willing to lead such a Publications Committee?

And finally - I am really annoyed that we have not been officially
informed from INS in time. That does not throw good light on the INS /
IFESS relationship, after we strongly supported Neuromodulation for a
long time.

With very best regards



Answer 1 from Milos

Jane, Manfred, Thierry and Glen,

I agree that voting is drag, but we have to do it because of the nature of
our organization. What we may want to do is shortlist few journals to 3-4,
and let people vote at the conference; Swiss style, publicly by raising
hands and we count the votes. That way this will be done in a single strike
at the coming conference. Or we can do something else, I am totally open to
any suggestion.

Best wishes

June 13, 2008 9:49 AM

Answer from Jane:

Jane answers

Dear all, Just one comment on Milo's feedback: do we want to take a vote or should we make the decision? My concern about voting is that we will have to set in place an agreement with all Journals on the shortlist which might be rather tricky. An alternative might be to allow people to select, by voting, a shortlist of Journals which we then approach. The problem here is that there will be a delay.

Your thoughts?

Best wishes,

June 13, 2008 9:50 AM


Paul Meadows said...

Dear BoD and Exec. Brd:
The publications committee should evaluate the indexed journal opportunities and make a recommendation to the BoD which should then render a decision on the suggestions made by the committee. This issue should not be decided by the general membership but the membership should be informed once a decision is complete. Since we meet in Freiburg in September (only 3 months away) we could defer a decision until then and use the intervening time to research the opportunities.

The number of submissions to Neuromodulation is not high and we could ask Ross to notify the publications committee whenever a submission is received from an IFESS member. The publications committee could choose to privately inform the author of the situation until a public announcement has been made. We should demand confidentiality until this is all public.


June 13, 2008 12:24 PM

Answer 2 from MIlos:

This is quite unfortunate.

I think we should approach this in a more saddle way. We should inform our
members that the Neuromodulation did not get indexed and as a result of that
we cannot force our membership to use Neuromodulation as one of the main
venues to publish their results. On the other hand we do not want to
discourage our members from using Neuromodulation as means to publish their
findings. We should also empower Jane to assemble a team that will examine
different journals and suggest alternative journals where we should try to
get our results published. I believe that Jane already did quite a bit of
work on that and that we can slowly put her findings forward to the
membership and at some opportune point in time (for example IFESS 2008) ask
them to vote which journal should be approached to be our "journal #2" for
publishing assuming that IEEE TR NSRE is "journal #1".

Does this make sense?

Best wishes,

June 16, 2008 1:30 AM