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In association with Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and IFESS UK and Ireland Chapter.

Non-invasive Neuromodulation of the Brain, Treatment Options to Manage Locomotion Deficits, Migraine, and Clinical Depression
6 July 2021 17:30 GMT
Presenter: Gad Alon
Moderator: Tamsyn Street
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The Clinical Practical Use of Functional Electrical Stimulation for Walking with Parkinson’s Disease
20 July 2021 17:00 GMT
Presenters: Paul Taylor, Maggie Donovan-Hall
Moderators: Christine Azevedo Coste, Ines Bersch-Porada
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Twenty-five Years of Using an Implanted Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Device for the Upper Limb: An FES User’s Perspective of the Past, Present and Future of Upper Limb FES
3 August 2021 17:30 GMT
Presenter: Roger Fenn
Moderators: Maggie Donovan-Hall and Tamsyn Street

Role of Electrodes and Stimulation Parameters in Recruitment of Neurons and Muscle Fibers
24 August 2021
Presenter: Winfried Mayr

Feasibility and Efficacy of Functional Electrical Stimulation for the Upper Limb in Young Children with Hemiplegia
21 September 2021 16:00 GMT
Presenter: Kristin Musselman

Spinal Stimulation vs ​Functional Electrical Stimulation and Neuroplasticity
19 October 2022 11:00 GMT
Presenters: Lynsey Duffell and Sean Doherty
Moderator: Winfried Mayr

The Development of Functional Electrical Stimulation Clinical Guidelines for Walking in Association with ACPIN
25 January 2022 18:30 GMT
Presenter: Cathy Bully

If you are involved in exciting research in the world of functional electrical stimulation, spinal stimulation or brain stimulation, please consider sending us an abstract for consideration for a future webinar. 

Past Webinars

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Special ACPIN & IFESS Joint Session on Clinical Practice Guidelines:

A Clinical Practice Guideline for the Use of Ankle-Foot Orthoses and Functional Electrical Stimulation Post Stroke
Presenters: Therese Johnston, Lisa Brown
22 June 2021 17:00 GMT

Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Functional Electrical Stimulation to Support Walking
Presenters: Jane Burridge, Marietta van der Linden
22 June 2021 17:50 GMT

Moderators: Adine Adonis and Tamsyn Street
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Use it or lose it: Functional Electrical Therapy
8 June 2021 13:00 GMT – special extended session
Presenters: Dejan Popovic, Lana Popovic Maneski and Anil Aksoz
Moderator: Emilia Ambrosini
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Self managed Brain Computer Interfacing and Functional Electrical Stimulation in Clinical Practice
11 May 2021 11:00 GMT
Presenter: Aleksandra Vuckovic
Moderators: Cesar Marquez-Chin, Matija Milosevic
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Upper Limb Functional Electrical Stimulation: Lessons Learned from Clinical Practice
2 March 2021 18:30 GMT
Presenter: Ines Bersch-Porada
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Mechanisms of Brain-Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation of Muscles in Neurorehabilitation
23 February 2021 12:30 GMT
Presenter: Matija Milosevic
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Could Electrical Stimulation Improve the Recovery of People with Covid-19 Following a Prolonged ICU Stay?
26 January 2021 18:30 GMT
Presenters: Gad Alon and James Badger
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Functional Electrical Stimulation and Respiratory Function in the ICU with Covid-19 Patients
1 December 2020 19:00 GMT
Presenter: Euan McCaughey
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Electrical Stimulation in Neurological Disease: Clinical Objectives and Use in Practice
3 November 2020 18:30 GMT
Presenter: Ines Bersch-Porada
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