Advertising Policy

The International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society website, www.ifess.org, does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

Privacy Policy

IFESS does not collect personal information from site visitors.

Any information IFESS receives in email from the public is treated as private communication, and only shared internally among representatives of the IFESS board to the extent necessary to respond directly to the sender’s questions. Personal information, such as email addresses, is not collected for other use.

Identifying personal information emailed to IFESS from website visitors is not shared with third parties.

Cookie Policy

The website ifess.org uses cookies to enhance browsing experience but does not store individual visits to the site. The only information gathered is anonymous web traffic statistics for analytical purposes, such as determining what information is most sought-after, and how the site is performing.

Currently we are using Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve our content. No personal information is collected from Google Analytics. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go here, http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

Web Linking Policy

On its IFESS Links page, the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society provides links to related websites as a source of potential information for site visitors, but does not endorse any external content nor vouch for its validity or completeness.